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A great backyard ‘peace-of-mind/piece-of-America’ investment is none other than the good, old-fashioned ground-level patio.

A well-designed, properly constructed, and even minimally-maintained patio makes your outdoor space much more appealing, and serves itself up as a lowly-taxed, highly-used additional roosting area.

What better place to entertain your friends and family and fire up burgers for the neighborhood than on an all-new patio personally designed and professionally constructed by Southern General Contractors??

We offer designs to fit any budget or scale, from flatwork to colored concrete to concrete pavers to brickwork to natural stonework, and any and all choices in between.

Give Southern General Contractors a call today for a dazzling patio design at 843-287-0991, and ask for Steve. Or, just fill our this short little  Contact Form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.